[ct-user] COMTSR settings vs. CT settings

Mike Walker Mike Walker <mwalker@Legato.COM>
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 10:08:58 -0500


Yes you need to specify both.  Never assume that it is set correctly, especially in any software product.

I'm not sure why it was done this way, but in COMTSR you can specify more than the baud rate.   You can add items like the software interrupt address, IRQ (for those non-standard IRQ's), Base Memory address and flow control.  It has been this way as long as I can remember, and we have been using CT since version 7.

Could it be done better?  Sure.  CT could be made to look at the loaded TSR's and see what baud rate was selected.  You would just have to assign that com port to the device you want.  But, it likely a lot easier for the programmer to work on new functionality rather than fix something that isn't really broken.

CT does not pick the correct baud rate for the radio.  All CT does is load the correct command set for the radio.  As for baud rates, older Kenwood units where fixed at 4800 baud, while newer Icoms will take anything you throw at them as them have an Auto baud rate feature.  Just make sure the radio, COMTSR and CT are all set to the same.  (looks like you've done this)  We used to set everything including the network at 4800 baud so we could easily change  ports during testing.  This way we would only have to go into SETUP to change the device (TNC, Radio, Network).

Maybe Ken can offer up why it started this way.

Mike VA3Mw

At 09:58 AM 2/16/99 , Gilmer, Mike wrote:
>I am confused as to the requirements for setting baud/bits/parity, etc.
>when setting up CT with COMTSRs.  It seems somewhat redundant and
>potentially fatal that both the COMTSR and CT have selections/switches
>for these parameters.  In other words, I can specify the baud in the
>COMTSR and then again inside CT.  These can be, potentially, different.
>Furthermore, I assume when selecting various radios within CT, CT picks
>the proper BAUD/STOP bits, etc., which could also be at odds with the
>COMTSR settings.
>I have gotten all this to work with radio-control, packet, network.
>However, I seem to need to specify all the parameters in both the COMTSR
>and in CT.  Whether this is the case or not, I would like to understand.
>Can someone please clarify.
>Mike N2MG
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