[ct-user] E44DX has CT question

Tim Totten, N4GN Tim Totten, N4GN" <n4gn@n4gn.com
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 14:07:10 -0500 (EST)

I hope I can post here without being subscribed.  If anyone actually sees
this and knows the answer, pse reply directly to me.  I am not subscribed
to this reflector.

I just spoke with the guys at E44DX (Palestine).  They're not sure whether
or to what degree they might be active in the ARRL DX Contest.  If they
give me something more definite, I'll pass it along.

One of the ops did have a question regarding CT.  I have been using TR-Log
for so long, I couldn't be of much help, and it will be hours before I'm
home to where I can try it on my own computer.

The problem is this--the "Ins" key is supposed to send the call plus
exchange (like, hopefully "N4GN 5NN").  But it's only sending "5NN"
without the call.  Can anyone advise what he's possibly doing wrong, or
how to reconfigure it?

Tnx in advance for the flood of answers I'm sure I'll rcv.  Pse reply
directly to me.  And understand that I may not be able to acknowledge
everone's reply for some time.


Tim Totten, n4gn@n4gn.com

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