[ct-user] CT939 band control problem...more

Ron Stordahl Ron Stordahl" <ron.stordahl@digikey.com
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:41:30 -0600

I was mistaken when I said the problem does not occur when using the DRSI
card for packet access.  The 'oscillating' between the bands is independent
of the TNC set up.

It occurs in the simple case where a single com port, in my case COM2, is
used for radio control and no TNC at all is used.  In this case I have
loaded only COMTSR2.

To review, if you are on 40 and enter ALT-F2 to go to 20 the radio goes to
20 at once, CT indicates its on 20, then CT displays 40, then CT displays
20.  If you are using the band map it also oscillates between 20 to 40 to 20
as described, while the radio switches just once.  I suspect that if I were
using the parallel port to switch antennas it might switch 20 to 40 to 20.

Once on 20 if you enter ALT-F1 to switch to 40, the sequence is the radio
switches to 40 and says there, but CT oscillates to 40, to 20 then to 40.

The same effects occur if you are on 80 and switch to 160 or to 40.

I hope I have this right.

I don't recall this happening with version 9.37 or 9.38.

Ron N5IN

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