[ct-user] Re: [CQ-Contest] Country file update 16 February 1999

David Robbins David Robbins <k1ttt@berkshire.net>
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 00:01:00 +0000

does e4 count this weekend??  

Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
> The country files for CT/NA/TR/WL have been updated.  They can be found at:
>         http://www.contesting.com/ct/files/#cty
> Or send a message to ct-user-REQUEST@contesting.com with a line like:
>         GET cty.dat
> in the message body.
> I have E-mailed the new COUNTRY.DAT for NA to K8CC to upload to their web page.
> The release notes are attached.  Note that if you use CTYHDG, a new .PRE
> file is included which contains E4/Palestine.
> 73 - Jim AD1C
> 16 February 1999 (CTY-901)
>         o Added BM9P, BN9P, BO9P, BP9P, BQ9P, BU9P, BW9P and BX9P to
>           prefix list for Pratas, BV9P.
>         o Added country Palestine, E4.
>         o Added TX8 to prefix list for New Caledonia, FK.  Removed
>           other TX8 callsigns, and removed TX from prefix list for
>           French Guyana, FY.
>         o Add FO0AWI/A and FO0XUU/A to callsign list for Australs,
>           FO/A.
>         o Add FO0AWI/M and FO0XUU/M to callsign list for Marquesas,
>           FO/M.
>         o Added K7CMZ in Zone 5, WO4O in Zone 4, K5ZM in Zone 3 and
>           KG6OK in Zone 3 to callsign list for United States, K.
>         o Removed all KG6 calls except KG6SL from Marianas, KH0.
>         o Removed all KG6 calls except KG6ASO from Guam, KH2.
>         o Added RY2 to prefix list for Kaliningrad, UA2.
>         o Added RY8, RY9 and RY0 to prefix list for Asiatic Russia,
>           UA0.
>         o Added VE2/N6ZZ and VE2AE in Zone 2 to callsign list for
>           Canada, VE.
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