[ct-user] last minute help

Ron Stordahl Ron Stordahl" <ron.stordahl@digikey.com
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 09:00:51 -0600

Scott KA1CLX said:

:It appears the problem I have here is because of the ct file size, versions
:after 9.33 jump up in size dramatically, and with 640k of basic ram and
:4meg total, newer CT programs won't run in that configuration. I don't use
:emm.386, just himem.sys, optimized agressively for dos with memmaker.

For contesting I am using an old 386SX25 with 4MB memory.  With CT939
I have space (so it says) for 6600+ contacts.  So Ill be ok!.  I also am
only himem which was automatically set up by memmaker.  So I believe
its something other than lack of memory.

Ron N5IN

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