[ct-user] Radio2 Bandmap problem

Glenn R. Johnson Glenn R. Johnson" <gjohnson@northernnet.com
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:07:36 -0600

This past weekend I used CT 9.39 (and have also noted this with the past
several releases of CT).....was just wondering if anyone else has noted
any Bandmap problems when using RADIO2.  

I use Kenwoods (identical radios).  Switching the COM port control and
cable from one radio to another has no effect, it is always the RADIO2
Bandmap that has problems.  Always RADIO1 Bandmap works perfectly. 
There are no problems with the radio and frequecy control with either

Always, when switching to RADIO2, the Bandmap comes up, but remains
static and doesn't move with the radio, like it does on the RADIO1

Also, any ALT-F3 spot to the Cluster will put in the correct callsign,
but the frequency remains the one "fixed" to the center of the Bandmap.
Again, this works perfectly with RADIO1.

Also, I really like the new Kenwood radio control since 9.37!  It is now
very fast!  The Bandmap for RADIO2 was "stuck" before that.

73! Glenn W0GJ

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