[ct-user] CT9.39

Gilmer, Mike Gilmer, Mike" <mgilmer@gnlp.com
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 15:37:38 -0500

It's OK Mike.  I started operating with 9.38B and then installed 9.39.
My "problems" remained.

To those who have responded so far, let me be clear!  My problems were
with the Band Map (BM) and not the Packet Callout window.  For
clarification, I think, the BM is entered by an ALT-RTARROW, where the
Callout is entered by the CTRL-RTARROW.  I rarely used the Packet
Callout map.

I had a lot of problems with the BM - it seemed to retain "focus" even
though I thought I had left the window.

For example, after an ALT-RTARROW (to the Band Map) then an ALT-T (to
packet window), the next <ENTER> was "sent" to the Band Map window -
stuffing my log with whatever call was highlighted in the BM instead of
sending the talk message I had just typed.  Same happens with
CTRL-RTARROW to the callout window following an ALT-RTARROW to the Band
Map.  The <ENTER> would select the Band Map entry, not the Callout

As this problem was VERY troublesome, and manifested itself in many
other ways (I took notes!) I can only conclude I have something amiss or
different from everyone else (if no one else is complaining) :o)


One PC (no network)
Compaq Prolinea 486DX33
8 Meg Ram
Virtually empty >200Meg Hard disk
MS-DOS 6.22

Packet on Com1
TS-940 Radio on Com2
LPT1 for CW
CT's VGA mode selected - Default settings/locations for all windows (no

Anyone care to comment - all thoughts welcome.

Mike N2MG

> I should read notes a little more carefully.... :-)
> I have NOT tested this with 9.39.  I have tested it with 9.38 Beta.
> Mike VA3MW
> >Use it all the time.  
> >Not a problem.
> >Mike VA3MW
> >
> >At 01:49 PM 2/22/99 , Gilmer, Mike wrote:
> >>Any one out there use the VGA switch for CT (9.39)?  Any problems?
> >>Mike N2MG

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