[ct-user] V9.39

alsopb alsopb <alsopb@gloryroad.net>
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 21:14:49 +0000

Used V9.39 successfully with a TS450/Keyer/Antenna Switching/1 radio
successfully.  However, the following anomolies were noted:

1) In the past I had called the radio a TS440. It didn't work.  I had to
   call it a TS-50.

2) The ALR-R key brought up the keyer speed window on the first press and
   then the rate window on the second press.  

3) The logic to test for a new mult has some problems.  I had a KH6 in
   the log but a kh6/w6something was called out as a new mult on the same

4) I guess I will never figure out how to use the band map.  It froze at
   times requiring a getting out of CT and back in.  I gave up on it.

Version 9.39 seemed quite a bit snappier than other versions.  I sure
like that. No more radio time-outs.

I simply don't understand the 7 hour problem when converting the BIN
file to other formats.  The WRITEARRL command gives the correct time,
the B2R9 gives the correct time.  However, a direct conversion by
LOG-EQF of the file has the infamous 7 hour time difference.  No matter,
LOG-EQF can convert the ARRL formated file into its format OK.

de Brian/K3KO

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