[ct-user] The Dreaded Error Message

Dave Hawes Dave Hawes" <n3rd@ix.netcom.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 02:14:23 -0400


A friend of mine was operating with CT in the contest, and received 
the dreaded message, "Unable to Write to Disk," or some such.  I 
can get more information, if that would be useful, but in short, he lost 
the vast majority of QSOs in his log.  Apparently, he ran out of disk 
space after about 50 QSOs, but CT didn't complain, and he just 
kept on logging.  After 800 or so, the Dreaded Message appeared, 
and he had to reboot.  The .BIN file had only 50 QSOs in it.

So, is he out of luck?  What happened when CT ran out of disk 
space?  Shouldn't there be a warning message?

Dave - N3RD

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