[ct-user] Printing CT files under Windows 98

W3SB@aol.com W3SB@aol.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 16:57:37 EST

I've poked around in the CT archives but can't seem to find an answer to my
problem.  I just got a new computer (450 MHz PII with Windows 98) and the
printer is connected -- all works fine.  The 'contest' computer (486/66 with
Win3.1) ran CT 8.53 (in DOS) over the weekend just fine.  I created the
necessary files (WRITEARRL), put them on a diskette and thought I would print
them under DOS on the PII machine.  Ugh.  I get into DOS from the MS-DOS
prompt and try the PRINT command and get 'bad file name or command' message.
Whatever I do I can't seem to get the PRINT command to work.  What gives?  If
I get back into Win98 and all is fine with the printer.  I can always move the
printer over to the 486/66 and print the files, but it bugs me that I can't
get the PRINT command to work on the PII.  

If it's a stupid mistake, please be gentle with the comments, hi.

73 de Stokley, W3SB

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