Re[2]: [ct-user] CT 9.39 and Band Map

Ron Notarius (Ron Notarius)
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 19:01:19 -0500

     So what do you propose?  I post my SN along with my query?  (yeah, 
     sure, THAT's secure.)  Or will you settle for a copy of the 
     cancelled check?  Or do I have to show you my disks going back to 
     version 6.18?
     If requests for help on CT are going to degenerate into mud slinging 
     & name calling, my disks go in the trash.  I'll go back to writing 
     my own.
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Subject: Re: [ct-user] CT 9.39 and Band Map
Author:  Bruce Lallathin <> at Internet 
Date:    2/23/99 4:10 PM
At 08:52 PM 2/22/99 -0500, NB1B wrote:
>I see that a number of people are having problems with the band map.  I did 
>have a problem with it, but that was solved by reading the manual. 
You hit the nail squarely! What may not be so obvious is there are many users 
of CT out there that got it illegally, a copy of a pal's registered version. 
Everything but the manual I would say. 
I don't think we should feel one bit sorry for these pirates and further, we 
shouldn't continually answer their questions on the reflector....especially the 
ones that are easily solved by reading the manual. They would have a manual had 
they purchased CT in a legitimate manner. 
Your post, while accurate and helpful in one sense, does the contest community 
a dis-service by making it easier for unregistered users to get by without 
paying their way. When the software producer gets robbed, in the end we all 
loose. If you doubt that, just ask Brian Beezley (K6STI) about it. 
I've been on this reflector for a long time now and have watched these 
questions come up over and over. I have held back and not said anything about 
this before but since the demise of support for AO it made me start to get more 
upset at the software piracy in our hobby. 
Ok, I've blown off enuf. Don't mean to attack you Dennis, just making a point.
Happy contesting es 73,
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