[ct-user] Printing CT files under Windows 98 - round 2

W3SB@aol.com W3SB@aol.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 19:29:13 EST

Tnx to all who replied to my earlier query.  The easiest and quickest solution
was to use the following within MS-DOS:  COPY filename.ext LPT1

It works great...now one more question.  When printing the ARRL99CW.ALL file,
the format of the first page is OK (page ejects as expected) however all
subsequent pages 'eject' one line too early, i.e., the bottom line of page 2
and subsequent pages  ("Page QSO  Page Countries  Total QSO  Total Countries)
print as a single line at the top of a new page then that sheet ejects and a
new page starts (ARRL International DX Contest....).  My files for CQWW print
all OK -- no premature page ejects.  I've looked at the 2 files (CQWW and
ARRL) with Notepad and don't pick up any differences.  Any clues?

Thanks again -- really great help from the user group!

73 de Stokley, W3SB  

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