[ct-user] Ganging computerized rotator controls on the VE1JF 3-stack?

James W. Fisher, Jr. James W. Fisher, Jr." <74237.2073@compuserve.com
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 14:29:30 -0500

Esteemed TowerTalkians and CTers,

With assistance from F12 and K7LXC, I'm putting together a 3-stack on a
120' tower (base at 210' above MSL, looking over my cliff at saltwater to
the horizon).  The 3 antennas will be rotatable individually, but I'm also
looking for experienced advice on the feasibility of "ganging" the computer
control of the stack when desirable.  I want to maintain my objective of
having the entire station as close to "look down/shoot down" as feasible. 
Let's assume I am using the latest version of CT which controls both
rotators described below.  I'm asking this now because it influences my
hardware choice for the middle rotator.

The details:

o       C51XR/H 40-10 on a 51' boom, 15+ sq ft, top-mounted at 120' (330'
above MSL), rotated by an Orion 2800
o       C31XR/H 20-10, stackable with the '51, around 10 sq ft,
side-mounted at 75', rotated by either an OR2800 or a T2X (discussion
o       C51XR/H side-mounted at 30' (240' above MSL), rotated by an Orion
o       Phasing will be by 2 WX0B Stackmatches (one ea for 40M and for
20-10), with dual feed option to "break the lower C51XR out of the stack"
for SO2R, M/S

My desires:

o       When pointing the antennas separately, use "Rotor 1" and "Rotor 2"
to control at least 2 of 'em out of CT--ideally all 3 (???)
o       When ganging at least 2 of the antennas, be able to direct both/all
3 antennas automatically with a single command (probably need to build a
        switch to tell the rotator controls which mode we're in)

Are these desires both feasible?

If yes, can I control a T2X/DCU along with one or both OR2800s without
additional programming, or should I consider the additional $ US to have a
matched set of 3 OR2800s?

Please reply directly to me and I'll summarize.



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