Re[2]: [ct-user] VY0

Ron Notarius (Ron Notarius)
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 22:46:41 -0500

     Ah, wayduhminit here... where was it said that Nunavut would be it's 
     own RAC section?  
     I think the point of the original post was that the new prefix would 
     have to be added... but a new section?  That wasn't mentioned 
     As far as I've heard to date, neither RAC nor ARRL have made any 
     public moves towards splitting the current VE8 section when the NWT 
     are divided up.  And with only 4 active (or is that licensed?) 
     amateurs currently in Nunavut... there's no logical reason to assume 
     the section would be split up!
     C'mon guys... let's be a little practical here!  (Or do you really 
     think that there's a conspiracy between ARRL, RAC & the Old Time 
     Contest Big Guns to limit clean sweeps in the future... and if there 
     was such a conspiracy, do you REALLY think that not ONE of the hams 
     involved would spill the beans?  Not one?  Nah!)
     73, ron wn3vaw
     it snows, it snows, it's off to shovel I go...

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Subject: Re: [ct-user] VY0
Author:  "Mike Smith" <> at Internet
Date:    1/6/99 6:23 PM

Not any more!!
A simply ludicrous move by whoever it was that did this.
"NB" gets to stay as part of "MAR" (Maritime) but 4 hams in the 
newly created Nunavut territory get to have their very own section.
PO'd in NB, 
Mike ve9aa
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