[ct-user] Time Update Problem 937/926

Howell Farm Howell Farm <thefarm@bellatlantic.net>
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 08:11:36 -0500

[MODERATOR NOTE:  The time format in CT changed in 9.34.  You can NOT
network old and new versions of CT together.  Either they must all be
9.34 and later, or they must all be 9.33 and earlier.  You can't mix
and match.]


I networked one computer with version 9.37 with another running 9.26, 
and get the "Unknown Network Message" error message.  The message seems 
to be the one which sends time info from station 1 down the line.

I fixed it by loading 9.37 on both computers, but wonder if the format 
was changed for the time update message, and if there will be problems 
with networking other computers running different versions.

Rob K2WI

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