[ct-user] PK-88 & Radio Control -> CT interface

Rick Mintz Rick Mintz" <Rmintz@frontiernet.net
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:49:47 -0500

Hi gang,

Are you a CT interface guru???

Here is the scoop. I am trying to configure CT v9 running a PK-232 (RTTY),
PK-88 (packet) and also an Icom radio control interface.

They all work fine with RTTY by WF1B contest software. (RTTY TNC, Packet
TNC, Icom radio control)

Here is the setup....

Com1 -> Mouse, IRQ4, 3F8h, 9600 baud, None
Com2 -> Icom, IRQ3, 2F8h, 9600 baud, XON/XOFF (handshaking)
Com3 -> PK-232, IRQ5, 3E8h, 9600 baud, None
Com4 -> PK-88, IRQ10, 2E8h, 9600 baud, None

The PK-232 has all DB-9 pins active to the serial port, Com3
The PK-88 is usings only DB-25 pins 2, 3, 7 to the serial port, Com4

CT will not recognize the PK-88  for packet spots. (Yes, I chose a contest
class that allows TNC spots)
CT will not recognize the Icom radio control. (Yes, I did load the COMTSR

AEA PC-Pakratt software will not recognize the PK-88 in it's 'normal' mode,
but will in dumb terminal mode.
HyperTerm will operate the PK-88 (it is a dumb terminal program).

CT should act as a dumb terminal so I can't understand why it won't see the
No clue as to why it won't see the Icom control.

I think that maybe I need more signals than just DB-25 pins 2, 3, and 7, but
the combinations that I have tried screw up the currently working software.

Can anyone help the serially challenged?

de Rick

Rick Mintz, W1TY
Rochester (NY) DX Association

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