[ct-user] Radio Control works... Thanks

Rick Mintz Rick Mintz" <Rmintz@frontiernet.net
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:05:27 -0500

Hi gang,

Thanks to all the assisted in my problems getting CT (version 9.10a) to
recognize packet and my IC-765. Seems some programs need to access the 765
from DOS and some will be happy through Windows.

Now the final station setup, at least up until now, is....

RTTY by WF1B ----- PK-232 (RTTY), PK-88 (packet), homebrew interface (IC-765
CT ----- PK-88 (packet), homebrew interface (IC-765 control).

Next is to interface the MFJ-432 Voice Keyer to CT. Maybe I won't like this,
but it should be interesting to try.

Anyone else have a good result with the MFJ on CT?

73 de W1TY

Rick Mintz, W1TY
Rochester (NY) DX Association

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