[ct-user] Re: DOS drivers Win98

Dan B Zeitlin Dan B Zeitlin <danzee@juno.com>
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 20:45:07 -0500

You can run a specific set of config.sys and autoexec.bat files by
creating a DOS window for your application, right clicking the DOS window
and selecting properties, program, advanced.  You will then be able to
specify a unique initialization file set  to run with just that window. 
Henceforth, when you start that icon the machine will reboot in DOS and
run with those files.  It will be running in DOS, not a DOS window.  It
is a good way to tailor DOS to specific applications.

Of course, Ron's info is correct too - just fix up autoexec.bat and
config.sys as always if you want to boot up in DOS to begin with.  In
that case those files will be the set up you use for the 'default' DOS

 [BTW, I still run CT on a genuine DOS 6.2 machine]

Dan Zeitlin, K2YWE, Annapolis, MD
<k2ywe@yahoo.com>  attachments OK

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999 19:30:39 -0800 "Randy Powell" <w6sw@jps.net> writes:
>How do you force (or educate) Windows 98 to load DOS drivers (CD-ROM & 
>specifically) when it starts in DOS?  I think these are called 
>drivers but I can't find the instructions on how to make the drivers 
>Randy Powell


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