[ct-user] Printing with CT9?

Reh Perry-CASA08 Reh Perry-CASA08 <Perry.Reh@motorola.com>
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 09:16:47 -0500

CT does have this capability, however does not provide the information to
recreate your logs.  If I remember correctly, for Field Day, only the call
and the time are printed.  No exchange, band, or mode (CW,SSB) are printed.
We have our two main stations networked so the one printer was printing CW
and SSB contacts but we could not tell at the end of Field Day which station
made the contact, so for the past couple of years we no longer bother with
the printer and just no periodic floppy backups.
Perry, N9MUC
Motorola ARC

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