[ct-user] 1 Newbie Question Answered

Charlie and Janet Ross Charlie and Janet Ross <ross_family@acm.org>
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 07:33:45 -0400

Thanks for the replies to my questions yesterday.

>Is there a way to set the QSO number to send three digits, with leading
>zeroes automatically added as needed, even if the number currently has only
>one or two digits?

Thanks to K3WW:  To get leading zeroes in the CT exchange, invoke CT with
the -LZ switch.

Re my other question:

>Is there a keystroke to send just the number, not the full exchange, in
>response to an "NR?"

I've received a couple of suggestions to program a key to just send "#".
However, this doesn't seem to work in my installation of 9.39.  Only F2
seems to recognize the "#" code... unless I'm doing something wrong.


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