Vs: [ct-user] Kilopoints per hr in .BRK file

Timo Timo" <timo.klimoff@kolumbus.fi
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:41:36 +0300

|The kilopoints are correct, but (and that nobody shows) they are the
|points per hour,
|multiplicat with the final multiplier.

Thanks for information to DJ7AA and others! 

Of course that score in BRK has no use for next year's contest. If I
had "a real realtime" scores per hour, I could compare my score to the
last year (as I think you have done).

I is possible to count them with Excel (and this is what I've done,
too) but it would be easier to get "actual" scores in BRK-file

See u in the next one

one of OH1F & OH9A

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