[ct-user] Feedback requested concerning CT 9.39

Richard Bingham Richard Bingham <richard-bingham@uiowa.edu>
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 08:09:15 -0500


I have followed some of the postings and archive postings in regard to some
problem areas found within CT 9.39, especially in the Field Day setting.  I
have to agree, there <is> a problem of some sort here and it manifests
itself in the Band change selection.  In particular it seems to want to
lockup in a loop.  Those bands most particularly affected by the problem
are the bands with the Novice segments, ie., 80, 40, and 15 meters.  I've
tried version 9.39 on three different machine configurations, and the
problem appears on all of them.  As a result, I've backed off to version
9.37b which does not manifest the band change problem.

BTW:  I've tried all the "fixes" discussed.  None of them solved the
problem.  All TNC's, Radios, Rotators, etc., were set to NONE as suggested.
 There are no radio interconnects in place and no TNCs in use.  We are
using the Ethernet linkup and using the default setting of COMTSR4, though
any of the other first three TSR's would work as well.  We've had no
problems with the network operating correctly in either version 9.37b or
9.39, just the band change problem in 9.39.

I'm open for additional suggestions/solutions.  But until I can find a
definitive fix, we are using 9.37b for Field Day.  Also, whatever happened
to 9.38?  It seems to have disappeared from the CT site?  TNX fer da help!

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