[ct-user] CT.CFG

KEN CARUSO KEN CARUSO <Ken_Caruso@compuserve.com>
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 22:14:34 -0400


  Having just successfully gotten CT.CFG to work after many years of it not
working for me,  I can pass on what I have found.

 The example CT.CFG  shown on Page 33 of the User's manual for Version 9
has the Category and Mode fields out of order. It is possible that the
sample CT.CFG shipped with the kit may also have this inherent problem, but
I am not sure. I could have munged it in my many feeble attempts to get it
to work over the years.  Insure the order of the fields is the same as the
actual screen as you tab through it. It will then load successfully.  The
version CT.CFG I was working with also had a field name KEY: which appears
now to be CWPort:. I'm not sure if this change made a difference however.

 Also, useful and related is the syntax of the CTPATH environment variable.
This can be set with a DOS command in Autoexec.bat (or issued right from
the C: prompt): SET CTPATH=n:  where n is the disk letter that the CT.CFG
file sits on. It is not necessary for it to sit in the same area as CT.
Note there is no \ after the colon. 

 These two little finds have made my life a lot easier in preparing for
Field Day. I too would like to see the ability to set the BAND CT starts up
in from the CT.CFG file. 


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