[ct-user] IC-746

Don Melcher Don Melcher" <don@hfradio.com
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 16:51:50 -0700

Yes - I have - but the trick is to set the 746 address to the same as some
Icom Radio that is supported by CT - Each radio model has a default address
that is different. There was a list sometime ago that I think is in the
archives - but i.e.: a 735 is (decimal/hex) 4/04H, a 751A is 28/1CH, 781
38/26H, 725 is 40/28H..... I know the 781 is supported by CT, anf that one
should work... I may have had to fool with the C-IV transceive settings in
the set mode - which is where the address is changed. If this doesn't help,
let me know and I can stop by the station and get the EXACT settings I used.


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