[ct-user] Summary - Keying 1000MP

Tony Tony <ad6id@arrl.net>
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 19:34:55 -0700

Hi John,
   I asked this question of Yaesu last year and got the answer that the output of the internal keyer is in firmware; it is not a physical point. He also mentioned that they corrected their oops in later rigs starting with the FT920.

   I found a TiCK keyer velcrod to the side of my WBL paddles as a viable solution. $50 and I get to take it with me to other rigs, too!

   Have fun & 73,  Tony

Tony Armendariz, AD6ID

At 07:21 AM 4/14/00 +1000, you wrote:
>Thanks to all who responded to my question about moving between CT and
>paddle keying - without the need for front panel switching the MP1000
>internal keyer.
>The consensus is that an external keyer is the practical way to go with the
>Yaesu 1000MP. An external keyer can be paralleled with the CT keyer to
>achieve the desired style of operation. With this arrangement, the 1000MP
>keyer is permanently switched off.
>It will be interesting to see if anyone can work up a 1000MP modification to
>overcome what really is a manufacturer's design problem, arising from a
>failure to understand the customer's needs. I believe that many have already
>tried to get this message through to the manufacturer - without a positive
>In other respects the 1000MP gets good reports.
>John Loftus
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