[ct-user] CT and FT-767 / RAC update

Ferris, Sam ERM Ferris, Sam ERM" <Sam.Ferris.erm@govmail.gov.sk.ca
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 15:16:10 -0600

See that the FT-767 was added to CT a few versions ago which is great
because I like to dedicate this radio for operating events or contests with
6 & 2 metre segments (Field day and RAC contest etc) - don't use the 767 for
much else any more.  However once the 767 is selected, the program stops and
gives a "bad radio type defined" error upon leaving the initial set-up
screen.  Wonder if others get this error or if I am doing something
incorrect?  Sure would appreciate if this could be resolved.

While I'm at it, with the creation of the new northern territory of Nunavut
(abbreviated NU) room for another multiplier column is needed in the
Provinces/Territories Window (Alt-Z) for the RAC contests.  I can supply a
revised rac.dat file current to the revised callsign allocations for Canada
if it would be of assistance.  Right now it's easy enough to add Nunavut to
the RAC.dat file, but multiplier indications on the Provinces/Territories
window overwrite with entries for Nova Scotia appearing in the NS column.

Many Thanks

Sam Ferris

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