[ct-user] CT and Ethernet

Ted Boerkamp Ted Boerkamp" <boerkamp@nortelnetworks.com
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 09:54:50 -0600

Hello everyone...
                  My question is quite straight forward.... has anyone put
together a full set of procedures for connecting up multiple computers using
ethernet cards, using CT (of course!),from installation of the cards to
setting up any other necessary files to testing of the completed network to
confirm all the computers are talking to each other??? How is this kind of
info handled in the CT manual?? Not all of us are computer networking gurus
but we would appreciate any help from those of you who have experience with
this situation...Is it best to have all the computers booting to DOS first??
Do you avoid running CT and the ethernet stuff in WIN95/98?? I have gone
back through the CT reflector archives but didnt find everything I might
need to know... What kind of NICs work the best?? What drivers or other
software is required to correctly install a NIC in my computer??? Where is a
good place to go to get all this kind of info.... If I get enough responses,
perhaps I can summarize them all to help out anyone else in future who might
be contemplating this procedure..... thank you and 73 Ted VE3SS

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