[ct-user] CT 947 beta

David Sharred David Sharred" <dave@g3nkc.freeserve.co.uk
Wed, 5 Jan 2000 21:36:49 -0000

Just like to confirm the same prob as Ann, WA1S.

My PC is a P133  (1996 model), running WIN95.      the clock in WIN95
correctly reports the time / date, so I figure that the machine bios is ok.

I thought doing alt-f in the time field showed the correct time, but wrong
date (01-Jan-1970 ); I fixed the date, and then the time went to 0000.

I did alt-f again, and corrected the time. All other entries ok afterwards;
including writelog functionality.

We have a short contest going in G on Sunday; and CT is still the
G-contester's choice of prog; even if the scoring does not support RSGB
events !!


Dave Sharred

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