[ct-user] Serial interface & keying

Ron Stordahl Ron Stordahl" <ron.stordahl@DIGIKEY.COM
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 15:54:02 -0600

Waldek said:

> Thanks to all that answered my query. It really works!! I gived up
> every time my rig went online after starting comtsr2, but going
> through the procedure described above it really works!!
> I use home-made interface consisting of one 74HCT04, 2 NPNs, 3
> resistors, a diode, a zener diode and a electrolyt-capacitor, all in
> SMD fitting in a 9 pin housing. Not very RS232 conform, but it
> works fine, now including keying :-)))
> Thanks a lot
> Waldek, DL7ANQ & SO6ANQ

Great news!  Now if Ken would modify COMTSR so it wouldn't immediately key
the rig on program statup, doing CW keying using DTR would be real nice!!!

Please Ken!!!!!!

Ron N5IN

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