[ct-user] Re: Unknown network error msg-Cause

Potbellyc@aol.com Potbellyc@aol.com
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 00:48:12 EST

Thanks to those who emailed their suggestions.  

The cause was simple:
One of the computers was running ver 9.46.  The rest were running 9.27. We 
had the date set back to 1999, and will do an ASCII massage of the data to 
read the correct year. 

I never made it to the contest site due to having to drive my younger brother 
to the ER from him slipping on ice...funny, I thought that only happened on 
mountaintops! <grin>  Talking to ops on a cellphone who were in the usual 
contest setup frenzy  was an interesting experience.  Especially since they 
kept getting cut off!  Nice cell coverage for a mountaintop, eh?

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