[ct-user] CW keying on LPT2

Greg Gobleman Greg Gobleman" <k9zm@frontiernet.net
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 08:52:19 -0600

Yep, everybody is right.  I don't need to load a TSR to key on LPT2.  God
only knows why I even mentioned it.  I haven't yet tried it on LPT1.

I will attempt to play some more with CTWin as I get a chance.  But you
know, it looks like CTWin is just trying to run in an MSDOS prompt window.
Not really a true Windows application.  Maybe it doesn't like my add-on
serial/parallel card for some strange reason.  I don't know the brand of it
and wish I could figure what it is.

I did get some time this morning to get on and ran the 160m test in regular
CT v9.47.  Booted out to DOS Mode.   Had to do a bandchange from the
keyboard to get it to accept entries, or I got an Out of Band error.  The
bandmap is broken.  But it logged and keyed just fine on LPT2.  Packet
seemed to work just fine.

Greg K9ZM

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