[ct-user] CW-PTT Delay

Gord Kosmenko Gord Kosmenko <gkosmenko@arrowspeed.com>
Tue, 06 Jun 2000 15:51:01 -0600

Does CT support cw-ptt delay? Any adjustable value ?

In CT's release history readme files

* CT now supports PTT on pin 16 of the LPT ports. Pin 16 is asserted for
one baud (dot period) before CW sending commences. This allows amplifier
relays time to trip before the RF hits.

Can this value be addressed ?  Using now pin 16, instead of pin 17 this one
baud "delay" before cw sending commences becomes functional ?

We need to do some cw keying changes to support a slow TL-922
keying relay !

Thanks much.

73 de Gord VE6SV

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