[ct-user] Re: Loading & running CT from DOS.

Richard & Martha Wilder Richard & Martha Wilder <wilder@abs.net>
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 10:01:48 -0400 (EDT)

I agree that one should run CT on DOS instead of windows. I
found the trick to force Win95 directly to DOS interesting &
should be a major help to Win95 users. (I boot DOS 6.22 from
a floppy and set paths only to see DOS622 and CT directories.)

But, I disagree that a mouse is a must.  Great to have a mouse
but the driver is a memory hog and the COM port is often needed
by real musts such as radio control, network, packet, and rotator.
To keep things simple, I always put CW on LPT#1 instead of trying
to share on a COM port.

My work-around is to CAREFULLY prepare a BIN files for each contest 
and configuration at the start of the contest season using a mouse 
and the (approx) 50 line screen.  I name the BIN files such as
MASWPXCW.BIN for master/wpx/cw contest; a rigid name format so I
can do >DIR MAS*.BIN to find all pre-contest BIN files.  Then I do a 
COPY MASWPXCW.BIN WPX99CW.BIN (denoting the year)  and I'm ready
to go.

By CAREFULLY prepare I mean be efficient on your space.  Set up
your pre-contest screen so borders of windows overlap; there is
no info on the window borders and you don't care who is on top.
Allow the left portion of the QSO rate and CW speed windows to
be covered because you only need to see the numbers not the 
identification such as (something like) "hourly rate for last 100 qso."
Most CT windows waste four spaces top and bottom with a format
of border,blank,...text...,blank,border.  I put the ANNOUNCE 
window on the lower right corner of the screen and move its lower
and right edge boarders off the screen.

Some day I'll have all computers in the shack with enough COM
ports and with enough memory so that I can enjoy having a mouse
during the contest.

73, Dick, K3DI

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