[ct-user] CT on a Win 98 Machine

Dan, S50U Dan, S50U" <danilo.brelih@siol.net
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 09:45:39 +0200

At 04:28 23.6.00 , Wil DJ7AA wrote:

>on this way, the computer booting in DOS, when you like to boot in
>windows, simple type win <enter>..

Hi list

Do not forget to create a batch file that will restore your system when
you exit Windows. (WIN leaves your system in an unusable graphics mode)

To fix this simply go to WIN dir. (C:\WINDOWS) and create a batch file
named WIN95.BAT that contains the following two commands :


Now, when you want to start WINDOWS, use the WIN95, and when you exit
WINDOWS by choosing SHUTDOWN from START menu, you be returned to the 
familiar DOS prompt.

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