[ct-user] Trouble with FD network

Potbellyc@aol.com Potbellyc@aol.com
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 23:24:35 EDT

Had trouble with the software today. (9.50.001)  We used it 2 weeks ago for 
the VHF contest with no problems at all.  Today, we used fiber modems, with 
only 2 connectors(not full handshaking), and this had worked OK last year 
with 9.4x... However, today, when we typed in a call, but didn't yet move 
fields (or hadn't typed in the full call yet) and two contacts were logged by 
other stations on the network, the call(or partial call) disappeared.

No two stations have the same ID, the multi.cfg is identical, the latest 
fd.dat and sec.dat are on all machines.  We found this happened with ANY two 
machines connected.

Any suggestions?
   Joe WB2VVS

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