[ct-user] CT version 9.50.007 bug

Robert Shohet Robert Shohet <kq2m@mags.net>
Sun, 25 Jun 2000 14:05:42 -0700

I downloaded CT ver 9.50.007 and was playing with it with a made-up S5

I noticed that in S/O or M/S mode with "Team Member" Category (WRTC)
selected, whenever I changed bands from 20 to say 15 or 40 and attempted
to log a qso, CT changed it back to 20 meters.  The only way I could
keep a 15 meter qso on 15 was to go back and change the band after CT
changed it to 20.

Have I not selected the right category or have others noticed the same


Bob KQ2M

Question to S5 stations:  With Lat @ 46.0 and Lon @ -14.5   Aruba shows
as 275 degrees beam heading.  Is Aruba really almost due West of S5? 
Please advise.

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