[ct-user] COMTSR and NETTSR?

Björn Bieske Björn Bieske
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 13:18:39 +0200

hallo ct-users,
I am using log-networking via nettsr 0.4beta by k1ttt.
this works fine.(CT 9.49.008 and also 9.39)
also I have some laptops linked via serial cables and COMTSRs,
like we did it for years.

the problem is, some times a PC hangs up (one of 10, and every
time another...), also if there was no qso entered via the
keyboard for the last time.

it seems to be a Problem of using nettsr and comtsrs at the same
time for log-traffic.
Or it is a problem, when another computer is booted or the
COM-setup is done.(see my other mail about com-setup)

does anyone had these problems also?
or has anyone an idea for solution?

our system: dos6.22, 386..pentium75, nic: ne2000, smc(pkt8000),

73 de Ben, DL5ANT /DF0HQ/DA0HQ, Ilmenau Contest Club.

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