[ct-user] ct software difficulties

Don Anastasia Don Anastasia <don81@ix.netcom.com>
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 22:41:19 -0700

Our club used CT (version 9.50) this past weekend for FD.  For some
strange reason, the option (CTRL-F9), graphic rate sheet DID NOT WORK
at all.  The screen came up, but the graphs were non-existent.  What's
the deal here?  I think the computer was in the DOS mode, and I could
get the rate graph to work!  Does Ken use his own software??????  One
other concern I have is: How do I edit the log?  I made some hand
paper log contacts) with another transceiver, and would like to
incorporate these contacts into my CT log.  Is there an easy way to add
these additional
contacts?  Thank's for the bandwith here, and thank's for reading this.
73 - Don - AA6W.

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