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Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:21:51 EDT

I read this in today's Washington Post and thought that I would share the 
information. It may help those having trouble with their Windows OS and CT.

Q: Does DOS live under Windows 2000?

A: No, but it can rent space.

Let's spend a few sentences splitting hairs, for the benefit of the advanced 
users reading this column.

Years ago, Apple really hit a home run with its graphical operating system. 
Bill Gates was no dummy, so he designed a similar interface called Windows 
that ran on top of an operating system called DOS (disk operating system). 
Subsequent iterations of Windows (3.1, 95, 98) are ostensibly operating 
systems, but power users will argue that Windows is not an operating 
system--it's a "shell" that runs on top of DOS. Back at the ranch, Microsoft 
developed a heavy-duty operating system called NT (which allegedly stands for 
New Technology), distinct from DOS. Here is the confusing part: Windows 2000 
is not the sequel to Windows 98, it is the sequel to Windows NT. As such, it 
runs only an "emulation" of DOS--DOS programs think they're running in a 
traditional DOS environment, but Windows 2000 knows better.


Don't believe your next-door neighbor when he tells you to use 10W40 oil in 
your car; look at the owner's manual. In a similar vein, I would ignore 
advice from a store and get my recommendations from the horse's mouth: In 
this case, go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows98/guide/Win98/SysReq/ to 
find out requirements. You will discover that Windows 98 requires at least 24 
megabytes of RAM and a 200 megs of disk space (Windows 2000, in turn, needs 
64 megs of RAM and 650 megs of disk space).

These are minimum requirements--I would normally double the RAM with either 
operating system and drastically increase the hard drive. I would like to see 
at least a 4-gigabyte hard drive with Windows 98, and as much as you can get 
with Windows 2000.

TNX and 73,
George K3GV

DX: Long may it live !

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