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Subject: RAC Bulletin 01-041E Changes to RAC Contests

 From: RAC Headquarters
 Date: June 14, 2001
 Subject: Changes to RAC Contests
 The RAC Board recently approved the addition of a
 Multi-Single catagory to both the RAC Canada Day Contest and
 the RAC Winter Contest. The rules  for both contests will be
 amended to reflect the new category.
 The definition of the new Multi-Single category will be:
 Only one transmitter and one band permitted during the same
time period (defined as 10 minutes.) Exception: One and only
 one other band may be used during any 10-minute period, if and
 only if the station worked is a new  multiplier. In other words
 the Multi-Single Transmitter class allows a  second station to
 "hunt" for multipliers only on a separate band.
 The addition of this new category is effective for this year's
 Canada Day Contest.
 The RAC Board also approved the adoption of the following
 abreviations for both Contests:
 Yukon   VY1     abbreviation to be YU
  Nunavut   VY0    abbreviation to be NU
 Northwest Territories VE8 abbreviation to be NT
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