[ct-user] Date format in .Log files

Sat, 18 Mar 2000 23:14:25 EST

Oh wise ones,
Well I'm on deadline to get the ARRL logs in and was about to send them 
tonight  when I noticed something that may be awry.  Your advice please.

The date format in the .log files for both CW and SSB  read as follows when I 
open them up in a text editor:


...the first contact of the CW contest.

I assume the format is MM/DD/YY.  

I looked at the .log file from the December 1999 contest and thats the way it 

So, my question is the ARRL going to accept the digits "100" as the year 2000?

FYI: This is happening under CT 9.46

de Tom/K1TH

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