[ct-user] QSX Reversed

Gilmer, Mike Gilmer, Mike" <mgilmer@gnlp.com
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:17:46 -0500

If you had "just finished" transmitting and tried ALT-F3 it gets screwed up
just as if you had hit ALT-F3 WHILE transmitting.  You have to wait a bit.

Once the reverse/incorrect data is loaded (ALT-F3) into CT incorrectly, it's
hard to clear it. Subsequent ALT-F3s do not "get" the correct data, either.
I can only think this happens because I suspect CT doesn't actually "ask"
for the frequencies; instead the radio knows to "tell" CT the frequencies
whenever the radio changes.  Since the two VFOs haven't changed since the
first ALT-F3 (after all, the radio has been "correct" all along), there's
been no reason for the radio to update CT.  At this point, "ESC" out of the
ALT-F3, then tune the radio just a touch (on both VFOs). Something like that
seems to reload what gets subsequently ALT-F3'd.

Mike N2MG

On Monday, March 27, 2000 8:49 AM, Robert Doherty [SMTP:k1vv@tmlp.com]
> Mike,
>  tnx .. K1TH also had it happen... 940...
> Ken said that possibly we were
> transmitting so it was reversed ..  but when we were working the WPX on
> Sunday it happened again on 40..   we had entered a DX call ..   BUT
> momentarily keyed the transmitter ..  a fraction of a second.. on vox..
> cleared my throat ..  then hit ALT-F3..  and it was reversed ...  we did
> hit ALT-F3 while in transmit ..   we hit ESC to clear the ALT-F3..   and
> hit ALT-F3 again ..  but it was still reversed ..   we then tried to
> duplicate what happened with another call ....  but could not do it again
> ...  we will try again this morning to see if we can reproduce what
> ...
> Whitey  K1VV

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