[ct-user] Re: WPX and /AE - /AG

Jon Ogden Jon Ogden" <jono@enteract.com
Wed, 3 May 2000 16:41:05 -0400

As a holder of an "AE" call sign for the SSB WPX contest, let me tell you
what I did.

First: For me to be logged as KE9NA/AE is not necessarily accurate all the
time.  The AE is NOT my prefix.  If I worked someone on 14.165, I would have
to sign the QSO as KE9NA/AE.  However, if I worked that same station on
28.350 I would sign KE9NA. Or if later on 20M I am calling CQ on 14.200 as
KE9NA and you work me a second time, I wouldn't show up as a dupe if you'd
logged me as KE9NA/AE previously.  So to log a "temporary AE" call into the
contest log is not a good idea.  The "AE" is not necessary as it is not part
of the call.  It is only necessary that it be sent as a part of an
"official" identifier.  I wouldn't log it.  I gave just the KE9NA to
stations, particularly foreign ones as they have NO idea what KE9NA/AE or
KE9NA temporary AE means.  It caused more confusion than it solved!  So just
log the station's real call sign.  That way you won't screw up multipliers,
dupes or whatever.  The temporary identifier just isn't needed.



ps: I've since changed my call!

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