[ct-user] Kenwood 870 and CT

Jacques SAGET Jacques SAGET <f6bee@compuserve.com>
Thu, 4 May 2000 16:38:34 -0400


I certainly missed previous postings on the subject and I do apologize for

I'm planning to operate the WPX CW contest later this month from a moreless
DX location 
and my local host proposed me to use his Knwd TS870s radio. 

Though the latest version of CT (9-50-001) doesn't include the 870 in the
supported radios,
has anyone tried to computer control this radio with CT ?  
If yes, what interface cable is needed and which type is to be selected
from the radio menu ?

What are the settings to use for the TSR and setup menu ? Same as with
other Kenwoods :
-B4800 (4800 bps baud rate) and -N82 (8 bits with 2 stop bits) ?

As I will not have the opportunity to try the configuration before I get to
the exotic place, 
I would be sure all works OK.

In abt the same kind of subject, people also say there is only one address
and one configuration for all
Icom radios. I never succeeded to connect my IC706 Mk2 with CT, though it
works with 2 Dx logging S/W.
Any idea ?

Thanks for your help, please answer directly to f6bee@compuserve.com

73 de Jacques, F6BEE

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