[ct-user] multi-port serial boards that actually work???????

James W. Fisher, Jr. James W. Fisher, Jr." <74237.2073@compuserve.com
Fri, 12 May 2000 12:33:47 -0400


thanks--first reply I've received.  Some comments interspersed:

Message text written by Robert Naumann


I think the main reason that you don't hear discussion of this is that most
multi-ops have given up on having so many serial ports concentrated in one
machine.  The problems you cite, as well as others, make it nearly
impossible to get it working properly.

One solution to CT networking is to use the "LOOP" method whereby you only
need a single serial port in each networked computer.<

Yes, that's what we were going to do.  This serial port set wouldn't talk
ANYTHING I have--not one of the 3 rotators, not the TNC, not the FT1000MP,
not my laptop...probably not my Alpha 87A either but I don't think I tried
one.  Only one port was going to the CT communications process.

> The other solution, thanks to
K1TTT, is the use of NETTSR which allows you to use standard ethernet cards
to do the networking.<

Sounds promising--would that let me talk w/rotators etc.?

>Regarding the serial ports for your 3 or 4 devices<

...Well, it's around 8 from the Rig 1 computer if I can manage it...3
rig, laptop, TNC, 87A,...

> you can add an
inexpensive 2 port board to your PC (~$20) which is configurable for any
valid address and IRQ.  If necessary, you could add two of these cards or
there are 4 port cards available, but they get a little more pricey.

Will keep this in mind.

Many thanks!  I'll accumulate the inputs and decide what to try next.

Another possibility I didn't mention was a USB device, but my computer,
while it apparently has USB features (and was sold to me as such) has
never been tested at this.


Jim, VE1JF

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