[ct-user] merging question

gyantis@midtec.com gyantis@midtec.com
Tue, 16 May 2000 10:37:23 -0500

>  ---
> The following question was sent to me from the guys getting ready to head
to eastern Costa Rica for an IOTA DXpedition as TE6U later this week.  I've
never done a merge.  Do you have to have the same version of CT on both
computers?  Please e-mail responses directly to me and I'll will get them to
the guys.
> Thanks
> Gary, W0TM
> Gary, We are going to log TE6U operation with CT in dxpn mode then merge
> logs later. Do we all have to use same version of CT? They have 9.23 and
> using 9.50.001.
>     Also can we all use the same file name and still be able to merge the
> logs afterwards?

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