[ct-user] merging question

PAUL M. PLAYFORD aef8w@aztec.asu.edu (PAUL M. PLAYFORD)
Tue, 16 May 2000 10:43:07 -0700 (MST)

When merging CT logs:  NEVER mix versions of CT.  As different versions
of CT are released the data base has been changed at random without
warning.  The bands can come out different, the times will be off, the
dates may change.  The only thing that doesn't seem to change is the
call of the station you worked.

Even if you do merge logs under CT, be sure to keep the original .BIN
files on backup floppies and work only with copies.  Then make a note
of the first and last QSO's date/time/call/band/mode from each log
and compare that information with you merged log.  This will give you
a little confidence that the logs merged correctly.  Then total up
the number of QSO's from the individual log's and ensure that the
merged log's total matches.

Whatever you do, do NOT use B2R9 and R9B2.  Even though the famous
date/time shift has been known for years, and new versions have supposedly
been posted in the CT vault, they still do not work.  I have never been
successful at running B2R9 and then R9B2 to re-create the original log
and having them come out the same.  A very basic requirement of data
base management that has never been met.

Also, be advised that if you have any SAT QSO's in your log the C2A
utility will not export them to the ADIF file.  Even worse, if your
version of C2A is dated before 3-19-00 it will also not export the
QSO's immediately following the SAT Q.  Sometimes it will just ignore
one QSO and sometimes it will ignore several.

Practice save CTing:  always keep backup copies of you log's and when
questions arise go back to them.

CT is a work in progress and will always have problems, just as any
software package that is used by more than one person will have problems.
I took a look at WriteLOG as a potential replacement but it truncated
the log after 12K QSO's or so.  Probably OK for a contest but not good
for a DXpedition.

de Paul

Some days you are the QSO, some days you are the QRM
Paul, W8AEF
ZF2TA (1992)   -*-   FO0PLA (1997)   -*-   8Q7AA (1998)   -*-   XZ0A (2000)

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