[ct-user] IOTA&CT

Promedia Ltd. Promedia Ltd." <promedia@itnet.com.pl
Wed, 24 May 2000 09:50:28 +0200

Hi to all,

I've compiled some information and remarks on CT behaviour during last
IOTA contest.  Since it was, in some respects, less than satisfactory,
hopefully there's still time to have some improvements made before the
event next month.

What I might propose is the following :

= QSO Check Window =
 its configuration should be changed to

            G3ZAY - needed QSO
        80    40     20      15      10
        CS    CS     C        S      CS

where the letters shown mean the qso is needed on the particular mode
( C=CW, S=SSB). There's no need to have present spectrum of parameters
displayed if the qso IS NOT DUPE. Otherwise one might find it useful
to have the information on previous qso(s) with a particular station.

= Multiplier Check Window =
 should look similar to the above

            EU-005 - needed Mult
         80     40     20      15      10
         CS     CS     C        S      CS

  Bulk Multiplier Check (Alt+M) Option might stay as an additional
tool in case someone wants wider statistics.

  Additionally, putting the callsign of a previously worked station
into the callsign field and hitting the SPACE bar, could automatically
make it insert the already known IOTA Nr into the MULT field.

Remarks to =MCW= :
  in the present CT version (9.49):
Multiplier Check invoked by hitting the SPACE bar does not work at
all. Such action brings a communique to the screen which is completely
uncomprehensive and useless within the IOTA.

Anyway, hopefully, all the above will help to improve IOTA option in
the CT - a rather young one arrivee to the club.



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