[ct-user] Kenwood TS570D and CT ... how to do it

Michael R. Treister, M.D. Michael R. Treister, M.D." <bonemd@interaccess.com
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:44:51 -0500

I have been hamming for 43 years but lack certain computer skills! Plan
to use my TS570D with CT at V47NS for CQ WW SSB. I have never used my
TS570 with my computer. I now have the cable! To use CT I have been
booting in Windows 98, going to DOS mode, then going to CT directory and
putting it on. Seems to work OK. I even figured out how to print a log.
Since the Kenwood TS570 is not supported on the CT list, what is BEST
selection to use to get the computer working with CT? Also, does ANYONE
have experience with using the Kenwood built in voice processor
controlled from the computer with CT? I have been just "pushing the
buttons" on the TS570 for years! I use it for CQ contest, for the 59-8
response, and QRZ, and QSL route! Any help or idea would be MOST
appreciated and THANKS.
Doc - W9NY/V47NS

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