[ct-user] win 2000 tips???

v44kf v44kf@caribsurf.com
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 08:45:09 -0400

I purchased CT version 9.23 on April 21, 1995, because it was the
ultimate, top of the line, ham logging software on the market for
serious and discriminating ham radio operators and contesters.

I have long gotten rid of windows 3.1. I wish to use CT again, but now
on my windows 2000 professional machine.

What tips might you have for win 2000 pro users like me, to create the
environment on my computer in which the CT program can function?

If win2kpro tips are not available, it is very unfortunate for me that
I will be forced into using your competitors logging software that is
fully compatibility with today's desktop computers. Just in case you
do not come through, can you advise best win2kpro logging software
that I can use for DXing and contesting?



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